Tuesday, January 11, 2011

what does this make you think of?

describe this image

what does this make you think of?

analyze this image

how do you think it was created?

what steps would you do differently?

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

386 Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn, NY

This restaurant has a very artistic way of preparing food. in my opinion, i do not believe it would be good for a family dinner, or even a date. This is better place to just stop to get a strawberry cheesecake or maybe even a salad. My family and i went there for a birthday party and lets just say no one left happy. Although my aunt got into an argument with the waiter, i would say that the waiters are very respectful and that my aunt just has some anger issues. The timing with the food was great but the tasting of the food was opposite. The restaurant is very good with cleaning and also has a very elegant look to it. I would recommend that if you are going to juniors that you should maybe stop by and not stay for 3 hours.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

3 Minute fiction

The nurse left work at five o'clock.She had to travel from long island to Bronx to pick up her daughter from her grandmother.After that she had to go to Manhattan to get her vegetarian food from Bliss. She travel back and forth to park her car so she doesn't have to double park with her daughter in the car.After 30 min she comes out to find a ticket for not paying the meter.

"DAMN" nurse says while walking to the back of the car.

Her daughter laughs at her mother messy hair and funny face.
When she get home she find the house is a mess her older son sleeping in the living chair and loud pop music coming from up stairs.
she walked over to her son and nudge him to wake up.

"Ahhhhhhhh,what now?"he said not realizing his mother was the one waking him up.
"Excuse me Joshua Brown wake up and clean my house right NOW" she said
"hahaha ma fault ma I thought you were Kate she has been annoying me all day" he said

Making her way up the stair Stephanie the nurses youngest daughter turns and. . ."look mommy smoke"

Startled she turns and rushes up the stair it coming from her older daughter's room. She finds her daughter there laying on the bed surrounded by flames.She Screams her name and she doesn't reply, quickly the nurse runs for a fire blanket and start to stop the flames.She tend to her daughter while her son kills the rest of the fire.Her daughter regains her breath and says "Jeshhhhh if you didn't leave at 5 I would have been dead"

3 Minute Fiction

The nurse left work at 5 o'clock. She was exhausted from work so she decided to go straight home instead of going to the charity event she was suppose to attend. When she arrived at her house she took a long shower & then went to lie down. It was 9 o'clock & she was bored so she decided to call her best friend to see what she was up to.
"Hey girl, what you doing?" the nurse said. Then her friend told her to meet her at a party so she got to the party , met up with her friend and started drinking a lot of alcohol. A man then came up to her & said " hey baby let me buy you a drink." She accepted his offer.
A few minutes later a girl walks up to her and says "why was you talking to my man?!!!!". The nurse then says "ain't nobody want your man now get out my face b***h!!!". The girl then spits at her & the nurse slapped her & the began fighting. Everyone was yelling "CAT FIGHT!!!!!" when they witnessed the girls fighting.
No one wanted to break up the fight cause its dangerous to get between two girls fighting but eventually the nurse friend came & broke it up. The nurse had one scratch & the other girl had scratches,bruises, and was bleeding. Clearly the nurse won. After the party was over the nurse went home & went to sleep.
The next morning she woke up with a hangover & called to work saying she couldn't make it to work that day.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

the nurses story by k.p

The nurse left work at five o'clock. She was in a hurry to go to a concert, the best concert on earth. The concert starts at 6:00 pm so the nurse really is trying to get home and change. As she gets into her beautiful Range Rover she realized that her husband was out of town so she had to go pick up her baby from the day care center."O.M.G I am gonna be so late" she says as she heads for the Hampton's day care center. After 40 of minutes of driving to get from the hospital to the day care center, she finally has her 3 year old, Princess, in the car, and is ready to get home and go to the concert. Now it is 5:40 so she has exactly twenty minutes before the concert actually starts. When she gets home she takes a quick shower and gets dressed and she notices that it 6:30. The nurse, goes in the room and wakes up her oldest daughter to tell her shes leaving. Her daughter seems to disagree. "Mom i wanna go to, V.K.A.O.G is my favorite group and you know that" she says with a tear coming down her eyes. Just then there is a knock on the door. "Oh goodness i wonder what else i forgot" she says. When she opens the door she nearily loses her mind. It was V.K.A.O.G outside with a limo. The nurse forgot that she won a contest that not only got her 3 tickets but got a her a limo with V.K.A.O.G and back stage passes to the show. She was so overjoyed that she started crying. Kristen from V.K.A.O.G smiled and said " It looks like you've had a long day girl, but please don't cry, we have worked too hard on our make up. The nurse looks up to says " Thanks for understand, but my daughters aren't even ready. Kristen and Vanity (the other member) have a 2 second conference and then say " Well why dont we come in and give you a hand!". They all walk in and start getting te kids ready. Finally, they were on their way to the concert. Although they thought they were running late, the people were still coming in when they arrived. As they walked in back stage the nurse became more and more exticited.She had just been in a limo with gospel superstars V.K.A.O.G. She thought to her "I Love My Life times 10,000,000". After that she then sat down and watched the girls perform from back stage without trying to shed a tear. The words in their song were so powerful and she then realized that it was worth it to go through what she went through to get there.

3 Minute Fiction

The nurse left work at five o'clock. Walking hastily down the extended flight of stairs, she caught a glimpse of the twilight sky through the stained window of her patient's lonely, sullen apartment. The step began to creak; an ear numbing falsetto. Nervously, she continued her troubled climb down the stairs. Approaching the exit of the seemingly abandoned apartment, she exhaled, almost in relief, as she escaped and swiftly made off into the blue hued street.

"Good morning Ms. Adriana. So sorry it was another late night." Whispered a stranger, far too close behind her, raising the smallest of hairs on her neck.
"Oh!" the nurse exclaimed, immobilized by the greeting of her stranger. Briskly she met the eyes of her patient's son, Aiden Ambrose.
"Hello Mr. Ambr-"
"Please, Adriana. You've been takin' care of Ma for months now. Call me Aiden", Aiden asked her, in a deep, scratchy voice as he pushed his exhausted brown hair from his eyes.

Adriana stared at his tired grey eyes. Eyes that wanted to sleep after a hard night's work more than anything. "Aiden. Please excuse me, I must be going."
Silently, he dismissed her, with only a faint smile on his thin blue lips.

Turning back on her way, she gave a little smiled herself. Decaying like acid.

Up the dark, dirty, lonesome stairs he stoped at a seaweed-green door whose peeling paint revealed a copper brown.

"MA! MA, I'M HOME!" his voice filled his small apartment. The faint sound of television was all that broke the silence and Aiden sighed that he was home.
"MA!! MA!! I said I'm home! Jesus, she gets deafer and deafer every damn day..." Aiden muttered absently, setting his thin art portfolio down, along with his jacket and other mundane objects.

Sitting on his distrestedly frayed sofa, Aiden reclined back, turning up the volume on the television set before him. A shaven, brunette middle-aged man was reporting the news. ".... now to devasting news, another person was found brutally murdered in their Brooklyn apartment..."

"Damn. Brooklyn is going to hell these days." Aiden groaned, his stressed face sinking into his hands as he leaned closer. "...the 82-year old schizophrenic victim lived in his Bushwick apartment and was killed around 4 in the morning...." His jaw dropped to the ground. "Bushwick! God, I need that damn money to move outta here...MA!!?! What the hell!!?! Why is she so quiet, damn it! " He began to get up, slowly.

" Ma, it's not funny! No more hide and seek!!"

"....the police are saying this is a serial killer..." His haggard attention was back on the small television set. "...according to officials, this is the sixth person murdered in the past month..." He felt the weight of the world on his shoulders "Stupid police. I can't belie- OH GOD!"

Blood. Everywhere. The elderly victim's head rested on his torso, a grotesque picture. A puddle of scarlet covered the floors and walls.

Walking nausiausly towards the bathroom he turned on the faucet, splashing his face repeatedly with water to forget what he saw. Staring at the broken mirror, mother's dimentia, he caught something; a silhouette behind the bathtub curtains. "... the killer left a mesage at the last victim's home..."

"Ma, seriously?! You fell asleep in the bathtub! C'mon, get outta there before you get sick-"

Blood. Everywhere. She drowned in her blood, her eyes carved out of her bloody head and floating in the surface, an icy blue stare. And as if the news reporter could read the blood on the walls, he said:

"Just another burden out of your hands"