Thursday, September 17, 2009

3 Minute Fiction

The nurse left work at 5 o'clock. She was exhausted from work so she decided to go straight home instead of going to the charity event she was suppose to attend. When she arrived at her house she took a long shower & then went to lie down. It was 9 o'clock & she was bored so she decided to call her best friend to see what she was up to.
"Hey girl, what you doing?" the nurse said. Then her friend told her to meet her at a party so she got to the party , met up with her friend and started drinking a lot of alcohol. A man then came up to her & said " hey baby let me buy you a drink." She accepted his offer.
A few minutes later a girl walks up to her and says "why was you talking to my man?!!!!". The nurse then says "ain't nobody want your man now get out my face b***h!!!". The girl then spits at her & the nurse slapped her & the began fighting. Everyone was yelling "CAT FIGHT!!!!!" when they witnessed the girls fighting.
No one wanted to break up the fight cause its dangerous to get between two girls fighting but eventually the nurse friend came & broke it up. The nurse had one scratch & the other girl had scratches,bruises, and was bleeding. Clearly the nurse won. After the party was over the nurse went home & went to sleep.
The next morning she woke up with a hangover & called to work saying she couldn't make it to work that day.


  1. This is madd funny the cat fight part.And the end where she calls in sick because she has a hangover.

  2. Great story Trisha, I really liked it because I like drama and it had lots of it!

    Was this a memory of yours?

    This made me laugh out loud!

  3. This 3 minute story was really funny and interesting especially the cat part. I also like the part when the nurse curses out the other lady it made mr laugh out loud.

  4. Did you ever have a hangover,if so shame on yu.!?

  5. it sounds like your trying to tell us something luagh out loud

  6. Haha! Sounds like my neighborhood!

    If this every happens to you, you're gonna win right?? u have to!!

  7. this story was hilarious i loved it......did this really happen?

  8. wow so much drama. this makes your story very interesting.