Thursday, September 17, 2009

3 Minute fiction

The nurse left work at five o'clock.She had to travel from long island to Bronx to pick up her daughter from her grandmother.After that she had to go to Manhattan to get her vegetarian food from Bliss. She travel back and forth to park her car so she doesn't have to double park with her daughter in the car.After 30 min she comes out to find a ticket for not paying the meter.

"DAMN" nurse says while walking to the back of the car.

Her daughter laughs at her mother messy hair and funny face.
When she get home she find the house is a mess her older son sleeping in the living chair and loud pop music coming from up stairs.
she walked over to her son and nudge him to wake up.

"Ahhhhhhhh,what now?"he said not realizing his mother was the one waking him up.
"Excuse me Joshua Brown wake up and clean my house right NOW" she said
"hahaha ma fault ma I thought you were Kate she has been annoying me all day" he said

Making her way up the stair Stephanie the nurses youngest daughter turns and. . ."look mommy smoke"

Startled she turns and rushes up the stair it coming from her older daughter's room. She finds her daughter there laying on the bed surrounded by flames.She Screams her name and she doesn't reply, quickly the nurse runs for a fire blanket and start to stop the flames.She tend to her daughter while her son kills the rest of the fire.Her daughter regains her breath and says "Jeshhhhh if you didn't leave at 5 I would have been dead"


  1. I enjoyed reading your short story because of the intensity of the words.

    What encouraged you to write about that?

  2. Your story was very interesting. It made me laugh and it had great vocabulary.....

    But how did the daughter know the nurse left at 5:00????

  3. i enjoyed reading this made me luagh but it was very good

  4. That was funny! I'd set my little sister *if I had one* on fire too!

    Was this a personal experience?? LOL

  5. I really liked your story! It was interesting & it made me laugh out loud!

  6. this is a very good short story. I enjoyed the story line it was very realistic.

  7. this story was very cool....who inspired you to write it?

  8. i really liked how dramatic and intense your story is.

    was the daughter smokeing or something?