Sunday, September 13, 2009

3 Minute fiction- Homework assignment

Nation Public Radio (93.9 FM) has a contest right now where people submit creative short stories that can be read aloud in 3 minutes or less. The caveat: the short story must start with the sentence: "The nurse left work at five o'clock."

Your assignment is to write your story and post it on our blog. It must be at least 200 words but no more than 600. Write it in google docs, save it, do a word count, and then copy and paste it to the blog.

Further, it must contain a conflict (man VS man, man VS self, man VS society, man VS nature, etc). And by "man," I mean person. :)

Use proper English, grammar and punctuation.

The title of the post should be "
3 Minute fiction"

This is due on Wednesday at 8am.

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