Wednesday, September 16, 2009

3 minute story

The nurse left at 5 o'clock so I wasnt able to give her my medical papers. Its friday so now I have to wait till monday, isnt that great. im at home watching t.v, have homework but I have tomorrow to start it. Most of my friends are out partying, im not apart of that scene. im the type who sits home and watches romantic and sad movies.
Watching a movie called 'Sweet November' my favorite movie, My fone rings , It's a text message.
Its from josh. 'Hey whats up, I was just wondering if your not busy if we can talk.' it read.
'Im not busy at all so we can talk now, whats up?'. I reply.
I wonder what he could possibly want to talk to me about. i knew josh for about five years now and ive had a crush on him and of course he knew. the thing he doesnt know is that i love him desperately. he is perfect in so many ways, he's a great person to go to when you need to talk to someone, he's very athletic, he's funny, he's up to date on fashion, and his swagger is just incredible.
five minutes passed, my fone ringed but now its him calling.
"Hello." I greeted.
"Hey." he responded.
"So what is it that you wanted to talk to me about?". I pressed.
"Its very complicated,- but I want to do it in person ok so I can tell you face to face." he said hesitating at times.
"Oh ok." I said.
"Can you meet me today? , in about an hour?". he asked with hope in his voice.
"Yes i said where at?" I asked.
"At the park." he said.
Click, he hung up the fone. Wow what could be so important that he needs to tell me face to face?. Well I guss I'll figure that out in about an hour. It just dawned on me me; I only have an hour to get ready!


  1. Vanity, it was so romantic. It sounded just like you. Im Laughing out loud.

    If it was about you, who is the guy?

    Im laughing out loud.

  2. This story was very good,and romantic just like Venise said. It showed the creative side of you and it was a cool story. I like that you kept it a mystery what he was going to say because it kept me at the edge of my seat...BRAVO!!!!

  3. Hii VANiiTY Laughin out Loud.!?

    cute story who is it about everyones curious.!?

  4. yea i want to know who is that "Josh"..ehh!...
    the story was really nice and i hope josh said sumthing really important to you or the girl...yea laughin out loud!!!!

  5. Ay Dios Mio!!! Bowchikabowbow! Nah, Im jokin' *heheheh*

    Sooooo, Vanity, who's Josh???? Laughing out loud (<--- so lame Mr. Drozd)

  6. This was a good story.

    & just like everyone else Im curious to know who the story about! :-D

  7. guys are very amusing and its actually about someone who i really really care about. his name isnt actually josh..i made that up and its hard to explain but im not in a relationship so dont get any ideas laugh out loud.....

  8. i am laughing out loud!!!!!!! (sarcastic to the tenth power)....who is this josh character?

  9. i love the dialogue throughout your story.

    how did you come up with a story like this?