Tuesday, September 15, 2009

3 Minute fiction

The nurse left work at five o'clock

The Nurse left work at 5 o'clock. Visited the bar at 5:15 and stayed for 15 minutes. Then went home then flopped on her big bed, just when she though she was going to get some shut eye her 3 year old son ran in the room.

Nurse:(sigh) Son i am very tired i need to get up in 2 hours to fill in for my friend.

Son: but mommy please don't sleep yet i cant sleep, can you read me a short story to help me?

Just when she was going to start reading her cell phone rang (ring ring ring ring).
Now she must head to her daughters daycare to pick her up.
As an active community member she always to out to help people .When she picks up her daughter she cant wait to get back home but then realizes shell have to watch the kids until they fall asleep.shes smarter then they think, she reads both of them a story at the same time in hopes that they'll both fall asleep around the same time. When only one of her kids fall asleep she nearly breaks the point of madness but thinks before she acts and quickly calms herself down and says i love you guys i could never hurt you.


  1. Ricardo, cool story!

    what made you write about that?

  2. hahaha,oh.kay um she left work at 5 got to the bar in 15 mins den left in another 15 mins which means she left at 5:30 let say she took like 20mins to get home so she home around 550 since she had to go pick her daughter up from day care which ends at 6.!?
    hehehehe, this story is cool.!?

    why did you make the nurse go to a bar if she had to wake up around 8.!?

  3. Awesome story. She should read them a spngebob story X]

    I dont get it. Did she get out 5 am or pm?? If am, why is her daughter at day care mad late?? And if pm, why are her kids goin to sleep so early?? Either way, its awesome.

  4. I think this story is great. It was kool.

  5. very cute story. ricardo i didnt know u had a soft side.
    why do the kids go to sleep so early?