Wednesday, September 16, 2009

3 minute fiction

the nurse left work at 5 o'clock hoped in her car and was on her way to her other job at the circus when she remembered that she forgot her wallet in one of the patients rooom's. By the time she got back to the hospital visiting hours was over an the hallways were extremly dark. it seemed like the hospital had a very gloomy and dark feeling at night. when she got there she was very surprised. when she reached the hospitals lobby she saw that all the patients were up and roaming the hospitals floors. one of her favorite patients was walking towards her. she was about to ask him " what he was doing up soo late at night" when she noticed the how glassy his eyes looked and all the blood ozzing from his mouth and head. she started to scream and run to the exit, her bought so much attention to her that the other brain eating zombie patients all started coming towards her blocking her way out. she turned and ran to the elevators but was soon dissapointed when she discovered they were not wroking. she didnt know what esle to do and she needed an exit quick the zombies were right behind moveing in even closer when she remembered there was a stairwell to her left. she took a mad dash for the staircase as soon as she saw the zombies were just inchs away from her she ran to the third floor in hope of reaching the main office were she was able to contact the police for help. she would have to hurry because it seem like the more she ran the closer the zombies were. at last she reached the third floor having to depend on her sense of touch to fell her way around for the office door. when she finally found it she became so fustrated to find that the door was locked and knowing that she was suppose to pick up her new set of keys didnt make her fell any better. she tryed the door again kicking and banging it "damn" she screamed when the door would budge. she soon regreted that when she herad the loud moaning groaning coming in her direction. if she wanted to life she had to think fast she was about to give up when she found a chair a few feet away from the door. she quickly grabed the cahir and through it in the top of the door which broke the glass easly with such loud impact that she knew she would have to be in and out of there she calculated that she had a bout 40 seconds to make a phone call and then find somewhere safe for a while. so she hoped over the door makeing sure to avoid the glass that was still sticking from the door like sharp blades. she started felling the wall to find the phone when she got the fun she kept thinking that her time was runing up really fast. she quickly dailed 911 she waited as the phone rang three times when the operater picked up and asked her what was her emergency she was about to answer when a hand came out of no where and hung the phone up. she slowly turned around to find that she was surrounded she was a bout to scream for her life when the lights suddently turned on and everyone yelled "surprise happy bithday hannah"


  1. Brittney, Nice story. I enjoyed the horror and then the happy ending!

    What was your motivation in this short story?

  2. This story was super scary (Laugh out loud). It was very good and interesting.

  3. nice story. . .

    Whoes hannah does she like birthday cards.!?

    Tell her im sorry I miss her birthday.!?

    what made you decide for it to be a horror/suprise birthday party.!?

  4. wow this story is really crazy i though she was going to died at the end but when they all yelled i don't know what would i have done if they ever do that to me...i guess i will be was funny..

    nice story brittney!!!

  5. Oh My GOd! I loved it! Im gonna do this to someone!! I love how it all just falls together in the end.

    So, if the people are celebrating her birthday, what's up with the zombies?? Like, do they know there're zombies around, or are they gonna have a thriller moment and break into dance??

  6. Nice story. I really liked it. What made you want to come up with something like this?

  7. this story was something...did something like this actually happen?