Wednesday, September 16, 2009

3 minute fiction. XD

the nurse left work at 5 o'clock. She began to walk quickly home. She sang along to some Whitney Houston as she walked, she began to feel like someone was following her. She quickened her pace without turning around. at this point in her walk, she was completely oblivious to her ipod, and was walking faster than she intended, after five minutes she realized she was being ridiculous and turned around, but there was nothing there. relieved she changed the song, and sung along to a cobra starship song, that somehow made its way on to her library. maybe its something her daughter downloaded?
"you're a hot mess, but im falling for you!" the nurse sang aloud. as the the song faded to a close. the nurse heard heavy quick steps seeming to come from behind her. She convinced herself it was nothing, and that she should probably lay off the horror movies. she never did like all that girlie hullabaloo. but even as she took a stroll down memory lane, she felt as if there was someone behind her, watching possibly following her, she wasn't quite sure what to do. She concealed a mental freak out, by singing rather quietly. she looked up to mentally calculate how much father she had to walk, when panic erupted from deep inside.
"where the hell am i? how the hell does a grown woman whose lived in the same neighborhood for 10 years get lost 20 minutes from her house?!" the nurse yelled rather loudly as she fished around in her bag for her phone. she decided she'd call a cab shed be a bit later than usual but the kids were fine there was money in the take out jar, and tons of crap on tv to keep them entertained. The nurse continued to fish around and to no avail, decided that today could get no worse. and then she realized, it was getting dark.
in her mind the pieces fit like a puzzle made in csi: ny. some creep had spotted her and made her the star of his own sick fantasy.. stolen her cell phone, and caused her to walk aimlessly through out the city.
Now she was panicking, she had turned around to try to get back to the hospital and hitch a ride, or take a cab. she just needed to be home.
then she heard it, a quick rhythmic thumping behind her, she turned to see a small girl, she was no more than 8, the nurse impulsively walked over to the girl, and asked
"are you ok sweetie?". the girl said nothing she just stared blankly into the distance. the nurse couldnt help but stare at the marvelous beauty of this child, her corn silk blonde hair, her blue almost violet eyes, and then the nurse thought this child had to be angel, something so beautiful had to be a godsend. the nurse then felt a wall of anger smack her right in her core, how could someone abandon this child? how could they tear themselves away from her?how?!
the nurse had been so enveloped in her mental ranting she almost didnt see the girls perfectly white teeth, a straight line except for her, fangs?
"what the hell?" the nurse backed up slowly, pure horror movie style. as the nurse turned to run, the little "angel" was already in front of the nurse, she was trapped.
the smell of blood was thick in the air that night. it was already 7 when the kids began to worry, they went through every possible explanation for why mom was late.
"maybe she went to the store, in new jersey?"
"why the hell would she be in jersey?!"
"i dont know, ok, im just guessing..."
it was around 10 when the kids began to freak out, Jamie had gotten his sister to eat, cookies and ice cream but at least she'd eaten.
he turned on the news, hoping there would be some explanation for his mothers extreme lateness. he wished it would be as simple as, the news caster saying
"hey Jamie, your mom told me to tell you shes going to the moon for take out, don't wait up!" but he was hoping for anything.
the weather had declared tomorrow to be cloudy and cold, he hadnt even begun to process anything hed picked up in the last hour of hope, when he heard panicked screams.
"MOM?!" he ran to the door, to see his mom, with her coat ripped open, and crusted blood on her neck and down her front....


  1. Oscar! Awesome story, I really liked it!

    Especially "MOM?!" he ran to the door, to see his mom, with her coat ripped open, and crusted blood on her neck and down her front".

    Did you do this at 11:59 the night before?
    Im laughing out loud because you tend to do that sometimes (Do homework late) As i was told from you.

  2. This story was good Oscar. I think it was good maybe because it was a vampire story. It made me visualize everything you were describing..nice!!!

  3. laughing out loud oscar your wierd but the storys nice.!?

    what made you sing Whitney Houston. . .why not sponge bob. . .?


  4. Laughing out loud (still lame). I love how I can tell she's the dumb blonde singing mad loud in the middle of the night like she wanted to get eaten.

    Why the hell would she be in New jesrey??

    And Watch what Patricia put!!! She used to do it in Petreshock's class!!

  5. vthis was a very oscary story lol....
    do u like whitney houston?

  6. what a fabulous story it me clinging to your every word.

    does the mom become a vampire after?