Tuesday, September 15, 2009

"3 Minute fiction"

The nurse left work at five o'clock. She was the last one to leave so she had to lock the place up.As soon as she was done she decided to go to the pizzeria shop and grab her a slice. Half to the way to the pizzeria place she realized that she forgot her phone on her desk and went back for it. She hesitated on choosing to eat first or get the phone. soon she decided to just get the phone. When she got back to the nurses office she realized that the locks to the main gate were not locked. she assumed that she must have forgotten to lock the gate and proceeded to enter the office without a second though. As she got closer to her room she heard a noise. Paper was being torn apart. The nurse became very nervous and cautiously proceeded to the room. Her heart began to race and sweat slowly dripped down her face as her throat tightened up. Then she got to the door and saw a huge shadow. It was a raccoon. She was relieved and walked in to retrieve her phone and in a quick instant someone came out of the shadows and graded her by her arm. She reacted by punching the man in the face.He than fell to the floor and than she realized. It was her boss.


  1. I like this one because it's start off with pizza.And then I love the end when she punch her boss in the face.

  2. I also liked the fact you talked about PIZZA because i love pizza!

    Do you like pizza? Because if you didn't, it just would be silly to write a story about pizza.

    Im laughing out loud.

  3. Forgot my question...why did you make the mystery person or in this case animal a raccoon.!?

  4. Im laughing at venise's comment! But yeah, I dont blame her for punchin her boss in the face. That was funny.

    So, what kinda pizza was she gonna get??

  5. mmmmm pizza sounds good right about now lol..

    I like this story! especially the part where she punches her boss.

  6. i really liked the storyy it had me laughing out loud...
    im hungry...y did u choose pizza?