Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Three Minute Fiction.

The nurse left work at five o'clock. It was an incredible and hectic day for her. She had a confrontation with one of her patient and that was the first time that had ever happen to her. Ms. Morales had a nervous breakdown and she needed to get out as soon as she was able to. It all started at 11 A.M. Ms. Morales was her usual self saying “Good morning” to everyone until one of her patients responded and said something rude to her. Ms. Morales just ignored her comment and continued with her work. After three patients came and seen her, the lady that said something rude to her was her next patient. As Ms. Morales always greets people, she did so to her as well. The lady’s name was Josephine. Again she said a rude comment. She had said “just get this over with.” Since Morales was a lady about it, she just ignored it again. Morales started the procedure and grabbed Josephine’s hand gently. She was just taking blood out for Josephine and then that was when she went out of control. Josephine grabbed Morales’s equipment and threw everything towards the floor and walls. Morales did not know what to do but to call security. So that was exactly what she did. Morales ran out of the room and yelled for help. While she is trying to seek help, Josephine is in the room trashing her office. Many thought that she had some sort of illness but there were no documents recorded that she had one. Ms. Morales went in front of Wyckoff Hospital and tired to relax until she had a nervous breakdown. She became hysterical and needed to leave for the day and now you understand why Ms. Morales left at five o'clock.


  1. this short story is very exciting like i imagined it on tvee...

    what made you name the character after yourself.!?

    Does that mean you want to become a nurse in the future.!?

  2. HAHA! Venise you shudda punched her mouth! You know in Wyckoff you walk in with a head ache and come out without any legs! Why'd you choose that hospital?? Loved it by the way.

  3. wow..Great story! If i was the nurse i would've lost my job for punching the patient in the face!! hahaha

  4. this is crazy..i wouldve went buck wild on that lady..lol..very good....
    didnt u work for a old folks home n the summer...is that how they use to act?

  5. laugh out loud that was a fantastic story.i dont think i would be able to take that from someone.

    why didnt you do anything to the girl?